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5 Steps to Becoming the Best Dental Hygienist

So, you want to become a dental hygienist or are seeking a dental hygiene continuing education program? There are thousands of dental hygienists, and thousands more share your interest. This means that you will need to be the best in order to stand out.

So, how do you become the best dental hygienist in such a competitive job market? Here are five steps to guide you.

  1. Get into the Best School and Study Hard

Some of the best dental hygienists graduated from leading dental schools. As such, this should be your first step to a successful dental hygiene career.

Start by researching about leading dental schools when making your initial application. If you did not get in initially and are seeking to advance your career, then you stand a good second chance. Be sure to study hard when/if you make it in. If you don’t get accepted, then make the best of your opportunity and be confident that your efforts will bear fruit.

  1. Get Sufficient Experience

Experience is the best teacher, and it is necessary to even qualify as a beginner dental hygienist. As such, take time to work at a dental clinic as a volunteer during your pre-graduate studies. Further your experience by looking for a job when you graduate, and never be afraid to confront a challenge. Work on a wide array of cases, and try to learn more about emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the dental hygiene field.

  1. Always Further Your Education

You can never learn too much as a dental hygienist. In fact, you cannot cover all there is to learn about the profession. This said, some of the leading dental hygienists are also some of the most learned. They go beyond graduate studies to take on dental hygiene continuing programs, and this way get better experience and more knowledge than the competition.

As such, study hard in each level of education and always grab opportunities to further it. Additionally, be open to emerging technologies as they are introducing significant changes to the profession.

  1. Network and Keep an Open Mind

You will need a helping hand on your journey to success. There are other dental hygienists out there who have something to teach you, and you too can add to a colleague’s knowledge and experience. As such, networking and building relationships will come in handy for the long-term.

Start networking early enough, preferably before joining school as it will take a lot of time. Additionally, pick your contacts well – deal with successful dental hygienists if you want to become successful too.

  1. Look Forward to Each Working Day

The secret to personal and public success in any profession is to be passionate about what you do. There is a common misconception that dentistry is boring. To the contrary, dentistry is interesting and rewarding. As such, if you are genuinely interested in a dental hygiene career, then do everything on your power to earn it. When you do, be sure to look forward to each working day with a smile on your face.


6 Educational Tips For All High School Students

6 Educational Tips For All High School Students

You are in the same class with some really high achievers. You are taught by the same teachers and study the same notes in the same classrooms yet you can’t seem to figure out how they are doing so much better. You might require some additional qualifications to achieve your set objectives. There are certain educational tips and strategies that every high school student should follow if they want to excel. It is probable that those who are doing well have already mastered these tips. Below are 6 educational tips and for all high school students.

1. You need to have a study plan

It seems like an obvious thing to say but things become much easier if you create a plan. You will avoid being overwhelmed because you can cancel out certain tasks after you are done with them and focus on doing one thing at a time. Your motivation will certainly enjoy a boost from this.

2. Study break

It is a proven fact that your ability to retain material is reduced the more you continue to stretch a study session. You cannot sit down for hours and hours and expect to grasp everything that you learn in that period. Your brain was probably lagging but the end of the first hour. Learn to take breaks in between studying. Take a walk or a power-nap then get back to it.

3. Craft your own notes

You need to be able to build up your own notes. You can use different methods to achieve this. A lot of students have had so much success by following this simple tip. You can’t underestimate the importance of active learning.

4. Get enough sleep

Your learning abilities are enhanced if you get enough sleep. There are students who wake up really early and sleep really late because they were studying and they wonder why their grades are not improving. What you study during the day is retained if you have enough sleep during the night.

5. Ask questions

Do not just sit there in class and passively absorb material as other students ask questions. Become a part of the process. Ask questions. What is clear is that if you ask a question, you will probably never forget it again. Do not just have material presented to you to study. Train your mind to always question why it is the way it is and you will find that the learning process becomes so much easier.

6. Test yourself

Learn to create quizzes or take them online to see how you would do if that was an actual exam. Do not aim to cram. Aim to learn. Test yourself from time to time and keep going back to read the things that you find you didn’t grasp too well.