Month: July 2016

Why Car Rentals Is Better Than Transit In Calgary

Calgary has a population of over one million people. It is city with a well-organized infrastructure. Since the 1980s, Calgary has enjoyed growth in population. However, the city government continues to keep downtown Calgary fully accessible to residents, tourists and businesses. Travel throughout Calgary is facilitated by this city’s neat arrangement of streets. Fortunately, car rentals help Calgarians move freely from Calgary Airport to Eau Claire Market without traffic congestion.

Why Car Rentals Is Better Than Transit in Calgary
To understand why car rentals are better than transit in Calgary, it’s necessary to understand the ideally arranged business community, parks and wealth of tourist attractions. Each year in July, for example, this city is home to the “Calgary Stampede” which brings with it over seven million tourists from all over the globe. Car rentals soar during “Stampede” due to the addition of tourists. Car rentals are the preferred mode of transit due to convenience and accessibility to various parts of the city like Saddledome for sports, the Calgary Tower, City Hall or Banker’s Hall Shopping complex.

Public transit in Calgary limits access to downtown Calgary since the city government continues to implement reduction in city traffic and the need for additional parking. Also, public transit is based upon transit schedules which a car rental does not. This is a main reason Calgarians rely on car rentals versus public transit. Many times, public transit experiences delays which reduce reliability.

Since over 80 percent of residents live on the perimeter of the city in homes, condos and apartments, car rentals are a ready convenience for shopping, day trips and recreational activities. A car rental also saves locals the cost of public transit and parking fees in public parking lots within the city.

Car Rental in Calgary – Best for Businesses and Residents
Businesses in downtown Calgary provide generous access to parking at Calgary Airport, hotels and conference centers. Generous parking access encourages commercial trade shows such as Tops Plus, music and blues festivals and Monster Jam Calgary.

Patrons of these commercial trade shows find a variety of car rental options in Calgary. Car rental customers can rent a car for a day or as long as is needed. Options include a car rental delivered to your residence and returned by the rental company. Discuss these options at the time of car rental in Calgary. Car rental is available from northeastern, southwestern and northwestern parts of the city.

Choice of Car Rentals in Calgary
Calgarians love the freedom of choice of car models for casual or formal events. Most of all, car rentals offer maximum reliability because they are well maintained. When in Calgary, do as Calgary locals do. Choose a rental car to get around this booming city.